To get a paid entry, you must first purchase it here.

You have until 09/18/15 to submit your entry.

Guideline & Details:

  • All projects submitted to the sampler must be created by members of the LGBT community. Even if your project contains LGBT characters but you yourself are straight - this is not a sampler for you. If there is a group of people involved in your project, the head of the project and/or the majority of those involved must be members of the LGBT community.
  • It is A-Okay if your project is not LGBT-oriented, as long as you are LGBT. :)
  • Up to 3 projects per creator. Related projects, such as books in a series, count as one entry. But if you had unrelated projects, such as a hard sci-fi novel, a contemporary romance novel, and a children’s book, those three would all be acceptable to list as separate entries.
  • Projects must be recent or regularly updated.
    • If the project is a single thing – a book, a movie, an album – it must have been released in the last 3 years.
    • If it’s a project that is regularly updated (a webcomic, a youtube channel, etc.) it must have been updated in the last six months (if it’s COMPLETED, such as a webcomic that has finished its story, the final update must have been in the last year. If it’s accessed as a download, book for sale, etc. instead of just archives on a webpage, the last 3 years rule applies).
    • If it is a crowdfunding project or something with a limited window, it must be open and active throughout the entire month of October 2015, when the sampler will be released.
    • If the project is coming soon, it must either be coming out before the end of 2015, or be open for pre-orders, AND have been updated in the last six months. The date of release MUST be visible in spreads and listed on the entry form.
    • We don’t want to disappoint people with broken links, projects that are never updated, Kickstarters that are over, or books that came out ten years ago.
  • No offensive projects. It is up to our discretion whether we find a project offensive. In general - projects involving any -ism (racism, sexism, etc.) will be rejected. If your piece is anti-LGBT it will obviously be rejected.
  • Excerpts and images must be PG-13. No graphic sexual content, extreme violence, gore, abuse, etc. Your project may be any rating (examples: erotic novels, gorey horror film) but things present in the sampler must be PG-13.
  • Free ad space will be provided for charities and non-profit organizations involved in LGBT issues or literary projects. Literary meaning involved in any of the arts - writing, music, film, art, game design, etc.